Student Support

Oakwood + 21st Century education teaching the whole child x academic, emotional and social development at every opportunity = strength of character, creativity, and wisdom to make a difference in the world

Our excellent Student Support Services program is an important resource for Oakwood teachers and families for in-depth academic and/or emotional and social development.


Academic Development

*On-site Tutors

  • Designated space provided on campus
  • Detailed follow-up with parents after each session
  • Tutoring is able to be done during the school day
  • Ease of coordination between teachers and tutors

*Greenville Learning Center

  • Proud partner with The Greenville Learning Center and satellite classroom on Oakwood's campus
  • GLC utilizes the Hill Center and Orton Gillingham methodologies
  • Students accepted at both GLC and The Oakwood School take GLC classes and participate fully in the student life experience of Oakwood
  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities for dually enrolled students at year-end

School Psychologist, Kelly Moynihan

MA, CAS, LPA, HSP-PA has an extensive background in psychological testing and evaluations for many different childhood disorders and learning disabilities

  • Screening for academic and developmental readiness


  • Complimentary Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic held on-campus
  • Complimentary Carolina Therapy Connection performed on-campus
  • Screenings done PreK- 1st grade, others by referral (teacher-made, parent-approved)

Study Habits

  • “Homework Help” program in *Extended Day - Pre-K through 7th grade
  • Duke TIP Training
  • SAT Prep summer classes
  • Study Skills Training

Faculty Support

  • Oakwood teachers are available before and after school between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., utilize blogs and email
  • A Hill Center and Orton Gillingham Method Certified teacher in first grade
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Quarterly Reports - shared by all US teachers with parents of students who receive accommodations in-class
  • When more intensive services will benefit our students, Student Support Services is the resource for Oakwood teachers and families

Parent Education Programs

  • Curriculum night
  • Open House
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Parent Workshops


  • ERB
  • PSAT 8/9
  • Pre-ACT
  • On campus testing with certain accommodations for students approved by College Board
    -Coordinated by Oakwood Student Services

Social and Emotional Development

School Counselor, Michelle Graziosi

BS in Psychology; MA in Clinical Psychology - Works with students who are dealing with social, emotional, or developmental matters including but not limited to kindness, self-regulation, and friendship skills.

  • Individual work with students
  • Social skills classes
  • Group meetings with classes, as needed
  • Meetings about students with teachers, lower school coordinator, middle school coordinator and/or parents
  • The above services are available as a resource for students social, emotional, and developmental concerns. We work on issues including but not limited to kindness, self-regulation, and friendship development
  • The school counselor does not provide therapy for students. Interactions are supportive, rather than therapeutic. Activities may include listening to the child, reading books to the child, or teaching coping skills to the child

Lower School Program

  • LS Morning Meeting: Lessons on citizenship and character development
  • HUGS

Middle School Program

  • MS Advisory
  • HUGS (Link) and BUDS (Link) program
  • 4th and 5th grade character development education and self-awareness. One 45-min dedicated period per week committed to team building, individual activities, personal reflection, and games to go along with monthly theme and goal
  • 6th and 7th grade character development program - Character, citizenship, respect, honesty trustworthiness (get list from Anita); Dedicated activities, games, readings each day 4X per week

Upper School Program

  • US Advisory
  • SAT Prep, college admissions, time management, healthy relationships,
  • Faculty led based on discussion
  • Small, grade level groups
  • Same advisor for 5 years
  • Lunch monthly – themed team and/or character building

*Additional fees apply

For more information, please contact Student Support Coordinator Kelly Friday - BS in Elementary Ed, concentration in Child Development & Family Relations from East Carolina University and a Masters of Library Science with School Media certification from ECU and a Certification in Reading K - 12.

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