Investing in Your Child

The Oakwood School is committed to making our remarkable school affordable and accessible to a wide range of families across eastern NC. Every child we enroll embarks on a journey to prepare them for success far beyond our campus. Oakwood graduates rank highest in the region and well above national private school averages for SAT scores and are sought after by colleges and universities across the country. A remarkable education, environment, opportunities and overall experience…yep, its worth it.


Payment Options

Inclusive Tuition Plans

The Oakwood School believes in focusing on the education of our children and not on a complex or surprising billing structure that is hard to plan for. For this reason, we have established an all-inclusive fee for required expenses that allows you to plan a yearly payment schedule. Parents can choose from Single Payment, Semester Payment, or Monthly Payment options. The tuition payment method is chosen and deposit is due when the enrollment contract is signed.

Tuition Assistance


Oakwood seeks to admit talented and motivated students, regardless of family resources. Oakwood believes that economic diversity enriches the educational environment and opportunities for all our students. Therefore, families that feel the full tuition cost is out of their reach should not hesitate to visit or apply to the school. NC Opportunity scholarships are available and tuition assistance is available in all grades. The Oakwood administration is here to help you determine the best tuition options for your family in regard to this very important educational investment.

  • Confidential and private process
  • Need-based, and awarded annually through grants
  • Determined through third-party evaluation by ISM/FAST
  • Available for families of students in all grades

Apply For tuition assistance

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