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Remarkable begins at Oakwood

Incredible begins at Oakwood

Excellence begins at Oakwood

At Oakwood, we challenge young minds and

teach children how to learn

rather than just what to learn. This approach not only prepares children for a vibrant academic future, it vastly increases their ability to stand tall among their peers and seize opportunities that will prove critical to their success.


of students have the opportunity to take an AP Exam

in recent merit awards granted to graduating seniors
macbooks and ipads in use daily

championship team titles in the last five years


average student to faculty ratio


of students participated on at least one sports team last year

Lower School

"I love getting to learn at OASES!"

Middle School

"Being able to hands-on learn by dissection is so cool!"

Upper School

"I love being a part of the Honor Council to help my peers stay responsible as well."

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School