Mission & Guiding Principles


The Oakwood School seeks to instill in our students the strength of character, the creativity, and the wisdom to make a difference in the world.

We Believe...

  • ...in respect, responsibility, and honesty to self and others

  • ...students become enthusiastic lifelong learners and develop a sense of community in small classes where they are valued and supported by others and where their talents and energy are recognized and enhance the common life

  • ...that the need to develop positive relationships with others is as basic to human nature as is the need to learn

  • ...that students come to understand that their growth occurs in the context of others' needs and views; that their own gifts can enrich the lives of others; and that other human beings, however different, have inherent dignity and value

  • ...that both within and beyond the school walls, students learn that service to others is one of the deepest satisfactions the human spirit can know.


We seek to be the school of choice for families who value a 21st century education.


The Oakwood School exists to help our students to learn and to love learning, to value themselves and others, and to become contributing members of ever-larger communities.

Portrait of an Oakwood Graduate

The Oakwood School graduates are...

  • People of integrity who hold themselves to high standards of conduct and performance
  • Lifelong learners who use knowledge throughout their lives
  • Leaders who challenge others to invest in something greater than themselves
  • Confident individuals and risk-takers who are committed to making the world better
  • Empathetic citizens of the world who value cultural diversity
  • Disciplined, insightful, and courageous thinkers and learners

Adopted December 9, 2014

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

The Oakwood School educators...

  • Model the Portrait of an Oakwood Graduate
  • Passionately pursue their own professional growth and renewal
  • Hold children at the center of all decisions and actions
  • Cultivate an inclusive and vibrant learning community
  • Are committed to the education of children and the Mission of The Oakwood School

Adopted December 10, 2014