Academic Extras


Standardized Testing

The beauty of an independent education is just that: having the independence to create a structure and curriculum that will provide an outstanding education for students as opposed to receiving dictates from those who are not directly involved in the institution at hand. Under this umbrella falls testing and its use. Happily, an independent education fosters teaching for learning's sake rather than teaching to a test for educational advancement.

At Oakwood, testing is a carefully thought out process used to familiarize students with standardized testing, determine the academic strengths and needs of each student and assess the academic curriculum at Oakwood. Other than College Board determined timing, testing at Oakwood is intentionally timed for mid-year rather than end of year primarily so any adjustments can be made of the school and for the student. These tests include: Educational Record Bureau achievement tests (ERB), Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT), PSAT 8/9, PSAT/NMSQT, Pre-ACT, SAT and ACT.

Academic Competitions

When an Oakwood student wants to take part in engaging, friendly academic extras, plenty of opportunities abound. These extras can be through a club or as an offering for the individual to choose to participate. Some of these competitions include:

  • Noetic Math Competition
  • Math Counts
  • American Math Competition
  • Pam Pack
  • Shakespeare Competition
  • Model United Nations – Upper School
  • Science Olympiad – Middle and Upper School
  • Envirothon – Middle and Upper School
  • Scrips Spelling Bee – Middle School
  • National Geographic Bee
  • North Carolina High School Math Contest

For a more detailed list, see the past Year in Reviews: