The Oakwood School is more than a school. It is a community that seeks to develop children who will contribute to the world around them and care about making it a better place. What is experienced and learned outside of the classrooms is often just as important as what our students learn in class.

Teachers, administrators and parents have worked side-by-side to create traditions and a school culture that is rich with opportunities that develop the whole child. Community Service is a large belief of our school starting in PK3 through 12th grade where students can “learn that service to others is one of the deepest satisfactions the human spirit can know.” Multiple clubs help students find their niche, summer programs for fun and enhanced learning as well as after school programs and care that will continue to nourish your child after the school day ends. Technology is an important tool for teaching and as well as an integral part of the student’s learning application beginning in PK3. Likewise, parents are a crucial piece of the Oakwood experience and are encouraged to participate and be a part of the school helping to shape as well as experience the family environment that Oakwood is known for.