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Oakwood’s first senior class graduated in 2009. Since then our students have proven the strength of our school and program through their outstanding college placement record. The Oakwood School graduates are...

  • People of integrity who hold themselves to high standards of conduct and performance
  • Lifelong learners who use knowledge throughout their lives
  • Leaders who challenge others to invest in something greater than themselves
  • Confident individuals and risk-takers who are committed to making the world better
  • Empathetic citizens of the world who value cultural diversity
  • Disciplined, insightful, and courageous thinkers and learners

Excerpt from Portrait of an Oakwood Graduate adopted December 9, 2014

College Acceptances

Welcome to College Counseling at Oakwood

Dear Oakwood Community,

Welcome to College Counseling at Oakwood! I am here to help our students identify colleges and universities that are best suited for their talents, interests, aspirations, and needs. I am actively involved in many facets of the application process and provide support to both students and parents.

Applying to college can be complicated and confusing—especially for students trying to balance the college application process with schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, community service projects, athletics, and fine arts responsibilities. The College Placement Resource Center at Oakwood seeks to guide students through this process by developing a multi-year plan that fits their unique interests.

The college advising process begins in the freshman year. Student surveys and family conferences identify goals, interests, and strengths. Parents are invited to “Parent College Group” meetings to ask questions of the college counselor and to learn about the college search process from other parents. The ultimate goal is to create an optimal match between student and college.

During a student’s senior year, the process continues with frequent meetings between the student and the college counselor. The counselor and Upper School teachers write letters of recommendation and offer suggestions for application essays. Guidance is extensive and thorough.

Please stop by my office in the Upper School or give me a call at (252) 931-0760 ext 2108. I look forward to working with you!

Go Eagles!

Michelle Graziosi, College Counselor

Michelle Graziosi, College Counselor. After graduating with her masters in clinical psychology at ECU, Michelle taught in the Mental Health program at Lenoir Community College. After her children were born she was a part-time instructor at Pitt Community College and a psychological associate in private practice. She is currently school counselor and college counselor at Oakwood. In addition she teaches a class to juniors and seniors at the Upper School to provide additional guidance in the college search and application process. One exciting part of her job is visiting colleges around the country so that she can build ties with admissions counselors and learn more about the educational opportunities for our students. She has two children, one who graduated from Oakwood in 2015 and 2020. To view helpful links and resources, check out the College Counseling Corner Facebook Page.

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