Department Highlights


Lower School

In Lower School, every minute is an opportunity for learning. Come take a look inside the Lower School and see for yourself the joy of learning in so many places - the video speaks for itself!

Middle School

One might think that 4th-7th grades are too early to be thinking about graduation. The physical act of graduating is far off in the future, but the path that an Oakwood graduate takes starts the moment they walk on campus as a student. By modeling the characteristics outlined in the Portrait of a Graduate throughout our programs, we are preparing our students for Upper School and beyond. I invite you to watch our video and visit Middle School during the school week to see what a special place it truly is!


History Department

While history is typically about the past, it is about the past, present, and future at Oakwood! In the fall of 2016, the History Department established department goals to work on systematically over a three year period. This school year, we are revising programs begun in 2016-17 and expanding initiatives from the year to continue enhancing social studies education for Oakwood students. The three department goals are:

  • To develop an ongoing understanding of what and how we teach students 4th-12th grade for the 21st century
  • To expand connections to the school, community, and world
  • To increase opportunities for students to develop passion for the discipline of history and the social studies

Click here to see just a few of the ways the History Department is making history come alive for our students over the past month!


A quick search of Oakwood's new website reveals the term "21st Century Learning" used numerous times. It is referenced in a range of descriptions of our school's culture and programs, from our Mission and Values, to our Technology program, and to our Culture of Philanthropy. It should be no surprise that Oakwood's English Department regards the practice and achievement of 21st century skills as the basis of all that we do, too.

Each day, from our earliest grades to our most advanced Upper School courses, Oakwood students are experimenting with and honing their use of Curiosity and Imagination, and the skills of Agility and Adaptability, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork, Initiative and Entrepreneurialism, and the Ability to Access and Analyze Information.

Click here to see just a few of the ways the English Department is ever evolving in 21st century learning!


In the Oakwood Math Department, we engage our students in the learning process, as well as allow them to get hands-on experience with the concepts they are learning. Our students do not know just the material - they also understand where it comes from, how it works, and how to apply it. As a department, we have come up with department goals to help improve our curriculum and to better serve our students. The department goals are:

Goal 1: The Oakwood Math Department will build our resources and skills to be able to better reach all types of learners and math students.

Goal 2: The Oakwood Math Department will integrate spiral learning into the curriculum from Pre-K through 12 to help our students maintain and develop skills.

Click here to see just a few of the ways the Math Department is making amazing things happen in our classrooms and department.


The Science Department strives through innovative instruction and hands-on laboratory activities to graduate students that are not just problem solvers, but innovators. This document shows just a few examples of how our dedicated instructional team is achieving this goal!