Free Money for Oakwood

Log into your Amazon account, go to Settings, click on Amazon Smile, add “The Oakwood School” as your charity, turn your phone / device to “ON” and start shopping! A portion of every eligible purchase will be credited to our school! It’s FREE money for Oakwood and easy to use. You will need to update these settings twice a year for Oakwood to continue receiving these funds.

Go to the Harris Teeter Together in Education website, register your VIC card to The Oakwood School #3523, and start shopping. Every time you get groceries at Harris Teeter, Oakwood will receive a small portion of the sale! Make sure to re-link your VIC card every year.

Sign up on BTFE.COM and add Oakwood as your school. “Scan” your receipt instead of clipping! If you do have Box Tops clips, send them in a plastic bag to school with your student to give to the Main Office.

Experiential Education

As part of a 21st Century Education, experiential learning is a major part of an Oakwood education occurring daily in the classroom and on campus or from afar. This can be as simple as the Lower School literary character parade to social study lessons integrated with our Outdoor Agricultural Student Eco-Station (OASES) micro-farm or through local field trips, long-distance travel, internships, and independent studies. These age appropriate experiences are a strong tradition to augment learning at Oakwood. When learning stretches beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and understandings in the world and become more adaptive, accepting, open-minded, self-aware, and confidant.

In the Lower School, experiential learning is close to home and in the classroom. In Middle and Upper Schools, in addition to experiences taking place throughout the year, a week is dedicated to Off-Campus Experiential Education, and our older students report that this week is one of the most important learning experiences they have at Oakwood. Our off-campus experiential education provides students with an opportunity to develop independence and self-reliance, work and live closely with a small group, enhance critical thinking skills, increase a sense of empathy for others, and develop an understanding of and respect for the differences and similarities of varying cultures.