Student Success services

The 3S Program - Student Success Services

The Oakwood School offers an outstanding 21st century education that addresses the needs of the whole child: academic, physical, social, and emotional.

With Oakwood’s commitment to the whole child, our administrators and teachers celebrate the uniqueness of all of our students and understand that in certain situations during their schooling, some children may require a type of academic, personal, or social support beyond the guidance and instruction that the classroom teachers are able to provide. In addition to the collective support of our students, our Student Success Services 3S Program offers various avenues of support when individual students face roadblocks to success.

The 3S Program offers excellent resources for Oakwood students and their families. Participation in some of these more individualized programs requires an additional fee beyond tuition; these are noted with an asterisk. *


Academic Support for Student Development



*On-site tutors

  • Provide a space on campus for tutoring during or after the school day and close coordination between teacher and tutor
  • Regular follow-up with parents

*Greenville Learning Center - Satellite Location On-Campus

  • Proud partner with The Greenville Learning Center and their highly trained and certified reading, writing, and math specialists who use research-based remediation, strategy training, and study skills instruction using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach (The Hill Center and Orton Gillingham methodologies)

  • Students accepted at both GLC and The Oakwood School spend part of each school day in GLC classes and part of the day in Oakwood classes and participate fully in student life at Oakwood

Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy Screenings

  • ECU Speech-Language Clinic and Carolina Therapy Connection perform on-campus screenings on-campus


Course Curricula Support

  • Student Accommodations
  • Oakwood teachers are available before and after school for extra help as well as communication with students and parents through blogs and email
  • “Homework Help” program is offered in *Extended Day - Pre-K through 7th grade

On-Campus Testing (testing profiles provide insight into student progress)

  • KESA (Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment) Pre-K, K, 1
  • DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ) Grades K, 1, 2, and 4
  • ERB – achievement and reasoning testing – starts in 3rd grade
  • OLSAT—verbal and nonverbal abilities testing - Grades 3, 5, 7
  • PSAT 8/9
  • Pre-ACT
  • On campus testing for students with certain accommodations as approved by College Board
  • Duke Tip Training – SAT prep for 6th and 7th graders

College Counseling

Michelle Graziosi - BS in Psychology; MA in Clinical Psychology

Beginning in ninth grade, Oakwood’s college counselor works to help students identify colleges and universities that are best suited for their talents, interests, aspirations, and needs. The counselor is actively involved in many facets of the application process and provides support to both students and parents.

Social and Emotional Support for Student Development


School Counselor, Michelle Graziosi

BS in Psychology; MA in Clinical Psychology

Our school counselor works with individual students or small groups of students who are experiencing social, emotional, or developmental concerns. The counselor helps with issues including, but not limited to, self-regulation, kindness, and friendship skills.

  • Meets with individual students to discuss social/emotional concerns
  • Conducts social skills classes with small groups experiencing issues
  • Conducts group meetings with classes, as needed
  • Meets with teachers, division coordinators, and/or parents about any student emotional/social concerns
  • Facilitates further professional counseling avenues for families if desired


Ongoing Social and Emotional Development Programs

Following are brief descriptions about our social/emotional programs that work hand in hand with the academic program (described in detail in the published Curriculum Guide) as part of the methodology of teaching the Whole Child.

Parent Education -- School/Family Collaboration

  • Curriculum Night – teachers discuss programs and curricula with parents
  • Scheduled period for Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Advisory Programs in all Divisions

LS Program

  • LS Morning Meeting: lessons on citizenship and character development
  • HUGS Program

MS Program

  • MS Advisory -- character development programs
  • HUGS and BUDS Programs

US Program:

  • US Advisory

Small grade level groups
Same advisor for 5 years
Faculty led discussions in morning homeroom
Lunch once/month – themed team and/or character building discussion or activity

Community Service Initiatives in all Divisions and Grades

Extracurricular Activities, Olympiads, Competitions, and Honor Societies

Off-Campus Experiential Education


If you feel your student would benefit from the 3S Program in some manner, please contact 3S Coordinator Linda Uveges.