The Oakwood School offers an outstanding 21st century education that addresses the needs of the whole child: academic, physical, social and emotional.

With Oakwood’s commitment to the whole child, our administrators and teachers celebrate the uniqueness of all of our students and understand that in certain situations during their schooling, some children may require support beyond in-class instruction. With this, we are pleased to offer on-site subject tutoring and academic coaching for our students in ELA classes (PK3-7) and Math classes (K-12).

On-site Subject Tutoring and Academic Coaching

This service is $40 a session and includes:

  • Space on campus for tutoring/coaching during or after the school day
  • Close coordination between teacher and tutor
  • Regular follow-up with parents



Cindy is a veteran teacher who has worked with many Oakwoodians over the years. She is available during and after school and can work with students at various times throughout the week.

Get Started

To get started, please email a tutor and copy the Division Coordinator.

Cindy Johnston, cjohnston@theoakwoodschool.org

Division Coordinators
Lower School Division Coordinator, Keith Blades, kblades@theoakwoodschool.org
Middle School Division Coordinator, Anita Rish-Hodgkins, arishhodgkins@theoakwoodschool.org
Upper School Division Coordinator, Jennifer Smith, jsmith@theoakwoodschool.org