Experiential Education

Each fall our students spend upward of a week on the activity of their choice on a particular trip near and far or through an internship/independent study. These trips are designed to foster independence and leadership and give students a sense of community with their classmates and the world around them. One intended goal of trips is to form bonds between students of different grade levels, so no preference is given to seniority in signing up. We encourage students to choose trips based on their interests and not their peer groups.

While our 8th graders travel as a class to Washington, D.C., our 9th through 12th graders choose from a range of trips that encompass various activities and interests, price levels, and distance traveled. Whether experiencing German culture, practicing Spanish with native speakers in Spain or Puerto Rico, visiting museums in New York City, serving others in Charleston, SC, touring college campuses, and more, Oakwood students benefit not only from the application of what they’ve learned in the classroom, but also from the maturity needed to accomplish experiences of this magnitude.

Closer to home, we also offer students the opportunity to pursue individual interests through a pre-arranged internship or independent study during the week. Past examples include working in an art studio creating a piece of art, shadowing a local cardiologist, and visiting the headquarters of a national non-governmental organization (NGO) in Washington, DC.

The US faculty has mapped out a four-year rotation of trips, spanning three price ranges and offering direct ties to various areas of study each year. The internship/independent study will continue to be an option for students each year. Also, 8th graders will continue to travel to Washington, D.C. as a class.