Athletic Training

The Oakwood Athletic Department places the safety of our student-athletes first and foremost above all other concerns and therefore is proud to be in partnership with Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance to ensure best practices for our players.

A leader in Greenville for physical therapy, athletic training and sports injuries, Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is a constant presence at Oakwood providing athletic health oversight including:

  • A LAT, ATC certified Athletic Trainer present at every contact sport match
  • Injury Prevention programs
  • Pre-season Assessments: Concussion Vital Signs assessment to establish their "baseline" scores prior to competition.
    Concussion Baseline neurocognitive tests evaluate the healthy athlete's decision making ability, reaction time, attention and memory. In the event of a head injury, a re-test would give the physician additional information to safely return that athlete to competition.
  • Running Assessments for technique and injury detection
  • Dynamic Warm-Up Series
    Teams are introduced to a series of mobility, stability, and muscle activation exercises to be used as a dynamic warm-up prior to practice, games, and strength training and conditioning. To prepare the players for the demands of their sport, the warm-up series takes a player's joints through necessary ranges of motion and activates particular muscle groups for optimal athletic performance on the field. Additionally, consistent and purposeful use of the dynamic warm-up will help the athletes stay healthy and strong throughout the course of the season.
  • Arm Care Series
    The purpose of the program is to provide the athletes with exercises for shoulder health and optimal function. The exercises are intended to promote proper movement of the scapula and thoracic spine as well as adequate strength of the rotator cuff muscles. An arm care series of this sort is very important to keep overhead athletes healthy year round.
  • Corrective Exercises