We want our students to reach beyond their academic classrooms to further their character development. To this end, we offer an abundance of extracurricular programs that allow our students to engage with and be mindful of others, to explore interests and passions that exist beyond the classroom, and to develop leadership and collaborative skills through clubs, seminars, academic bees, student government, academic competitions and Olympiads, cross-grade level mentoring programs, and honor societies.

Lower School

Good Deeds Club

The Good Deeds Club offers an important community service opportunity and is open to second and third graders. The club meets after school and focuses on guiding students to find ways to reach out to others at home, at school, and in the community. The Good Deeds Club meets twice a month right after school. Mrs. Grabill is the club advisor.

Noetic Math Competition Program

The Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC) is a semiannual problem solving contest for elementary and middle school students to encourage students' interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math.

Middle School

The North Carolina Envirothon Program

Envirothon is a competitive event for middle and high school teams to compete at a Natural Resources Knowledge and Ecology Field Day against other regional teams. It stimulates, reinforces, and enhances students' interest in the environment and our state's natural resources. Resource subject areas are: Soils/land use, Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology, and other current environmental issues. High school and middle school teams from Oakwood compete each year in the Coastal Regional competition. Winners from the regional level are invited to compete at the state level in April each year.

Science Olympiad

North Carolina Science Olympiad sponsors science competitions for students in three divisions. At Oakwood, we enter team(s) in all three divisions, Division A – grades 4 and 5, Division B – grades 6-8, and Division C – grades 9-12.

Students represent Oakwood in Science Olympiad regional tournaments each spring. Each rigorous academic interscholastic competition consists of a series of different hands-on, interactive, challenging and inquiry-based events in the various disciplines of biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering and technology. Competition continues at the state level for teams earning first or second place in Divisions B and C.

Math Club

Middle School Math Club joins with Upper School Math Club to compete in on-campus and off-campus mathematics competitions at the local, regional, state, and potentially national level. The competitions we enter include MOEMS (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School Students), MathCounts, Pam Pack Math Competition at Washington High School, and the ECU Math Competition. Our club members also compete in the AMC-8, 10, and 12 competitions and the Noetic Math Competitions as we compete in those as whole school events administered in our math classrooms.

Spelling & Geography Bee

Spelling Bee and Geography Bee are conducted at the school level each year for entry into the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the National Geographic Bee (Geo Bee). Our School Spelling Bee Champion advances to the Regional Spelling Bee conducted in Washington, North Carolina each March, with the winner advancing directly into the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Our School Geo Bee Champion takes an online test to determine entry into the State Geography Bee, with the winner advancing into the National Geographic Bee held annually in Washington, DC.

Upper School

Honor Council

Mrs. Jennifer Smith, Advisor
The Upper School Honor Council includes students and faculty who are committed to upholding shared values and expectations. Its intent is to develop among students a sense of responsibility for personal conduct and for the well-being of the larger community. The Honor Council determines consequences for violations of the code of student conduct. Elected students and appointed faculty serve on the Honor Council.

Student Government Association

Ms. Erica Imbimbo, Advisor
Students in each homeroom will be asked to support their SGA officials in planning service projects and social events throughout the year.

Mu Alpha Theta/Math Club

Ms. Robin Clapper, Advisor
Mu Alpha Theta is open to students who have completed at least two college preparatory math classes (Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra II). Students must have a at least a 90% in each math class they have taken. Students do not need to apply for this Honor Society, they are simply inducted if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Key Club

Mrs. Stacy Ruffin, Advisor
Sponsored by Kiwanis International, this club assists high school students in performing acts of service for the community.

Environmental Council

Mr. Thomas Taylor, Advisor
Students from each class elect representatives to the Environmental Council, which is responsible for working to help the environment, both at school and globally. Projects may include setting up a system for recycling and finding ways to reduce the school's use of electricity and paper. The students plan and implement all projects, which may be accomplished during the school day. The Council meets once a week.

Science Olympiad

Mrs. Keyla Thompson and Mrs. Anita Rish-Hodgkins, Advisors
Science Club will promote an appreciation for physical, life, environmental, and chemical science. Students involved in Science Club may choose to participate in the annual Science Olympiad competition during the second semester.

Girl Talk

Mrs. Michelle Graziosi, Advisor
This club will provide students the opportunity to become leaders and to facilitate conversations with Middle School girls about current issues.

European Union Shakespeare Competition/Thespian Society

Mrs. Elana Kepner, Advisor
This event is designed to help high school students develop their communications skills and appreciation of language and literature through study, interpretation, and performance of Shakespeare's monologues and sonnets. The winner of the Oakwood competition in the fall will advance to the regional competition in New Bern, NC.


Mr. Thomas Taylor, Advisor
The environmental education program consists of the annual North American Envirothon Competition in which winning teams from participating states and Canadian provinces compete for recognition and scholarships by demonstrating their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. The competition is centered on four universal testing categories (i.e., soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, and wildlife) and a current environmental issue.

Dog Training Club

Dr. Linda Kuhn, Advisor
Students work with animals at the local Humane Society, acclimating them to friendly people in anticipation of adoption.

Beautification Club

Mrs. Cindy Reed, Advisor
This community service club will be enhancing our school and campus with the talents of our student artists.

Hydroponics Club

Mrs. A’me Saverino, Advisor
This unique club is the Upper School branch of our OASES (Outdoor Agricultural Student Eco-Station) micro-farm that oversees the farming and business operations of the micro-farm

Model UN

Ms. Erica Imbimbo and Ms. Molly Stevenson, Advisors
Students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations through simulation conferences. This year, interested Oakwood students prepared for 3 months to participate at the Duke Model UN Conference joining over 300 other students from the Southeast to debate and draft mock resolutions for world health, security, and human rights.

Roman Senate

Mr. Thomas Taylor, Advisor
The Roman Senate is comprised of Latin students wishing to enhance their Latin experience by participating in a "law-making body" according to ancient Roman style. Meeting once a month, the Senate is entirely student-led and organized, and discusses business regarding the Latin department, such as Roman festivals, banquets, fund-raising, classroom activities and rules, and much more. Students are elected into their position, which are modeled on the ancient Cursus Honorum, by their peers at the beginning of each year. All Latin students are encouraged to participate in this valuable, first-hand learning experience.

Newspaper Drewspaper

Mr. Drew Weaver, Advisor
“The Oracle” is our printed school newspaper that is student-written and published 3x per academic year.

Dance Club

Cherita Lytle, Advisor
Students interested in dance participate in weekly dance rehearsals in anticipation of performing at our bi-yearly concerts.

National Honor Society

Mrs. Emily Prokopowicz, Advisor
The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school and middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serve to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society/Spanish Club)

Ms. Anna Lurito, Advisor
The SHH is dedicated to students who demonstrate a genuine interest in learning a foreign language. The GPA requirement for this honor society is an 87 overall average and an average of 90 in previous Spanish courses. Students who meet all other eligibility requirements are invited to apply in the fall of their Spanish III course and a committee will then evaluate their application and consider their admission into the society.

National Latin Honor Society

Mr. Thomas Taylor, Advisor
The National Latin Honor Society is offered by the National Junior Classics League in conjunction with the American Classics League and The Oakwood School. Eligibility for students in grades 9-12 is limited to those who have an "A" average in Latin and are in good standing with the NJCL, and exemplify good citizenship.

Rho Kappa History Honor Society

Ms. Molly Stevenson, Advisor
The Oakwood School’s History Department invites juniors and seniors to apply for membership in the Oakwood School’s chapter of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society. To be eligible, students must take a history department course each of their years at The Upper School, for all classes 9th grade and above possess an unweighted, minimum final average of A- (90%) in honors classes and B+(87%) in AP classes, and complete an application that clearly demonstrates their commitment and achievement to the discipline of social studies. The History Department faculty will review applications to determine which students have successfully demonstrated the criteria for admission.

National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Nancy Winn, Advisor

Tri-M Honor Society

Mrs. Alison Mossey, Advisor
The Tri-M Music Honor Society is open to students in grades 10-12 who are enrolled in chorus, band or strings class at The Oakwood School. Tri-M members must exhibit leadership, service, and character in their activities while at The Oakwood School and must have maintained at least an A in music with at least a B average grade or equivalent in other academic subjects. A minimum of 20 service points must be earned each year to keep membership in good standing.

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Ms. Cherita Lyttle, Advisor

International Ambassador’s Club

Advisor: Amanda Strahin
American students pair with international students to share culture and strengthen relationships.

International Thespian Society

In the fall of 2017, Oakwood chartered Troupe #8494 of the International Thespian Society. ITS is an honors society for high school theatre students with troupes at 4,200 schools worldwide. ITS recognizes the achievement of thespians through honors, scholarships, grants, and awards, provides leadership and service opportunities, and allows inducted students to develop into well-rounded theatre artists and people. Students earn points towards induction and honors by participating in the annual musical and other troupe and school activities.