Middle School

The strings course involves participating in a small ensemble (violin, viola, and cello) comprised of students of various levels of experience. New skills are taught by expanding on the foundations of students’ prior learning, and students enjoy playing chamber music together. In band, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments are introduced. Students study the fundamentals of and overall involvement in the arts. Students do not need to have prior experience with an instrument to join band. Performance opportunities for Middle School students include Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day, Winter and Spring Concerts, Art Shows, school assemblies, the variety show, and community events.

Upper School

Students build on the skills that they learn in the Middle School string ensemble. Students begin to sight-read regularly and play more complex rhythms and harmonies. They learn major/minor/diminished/augmented chord identification along with interval recognition. Various genres of music are introduced, and students develop the knowledge to speak confidently about different composers who lived throughout the course of classical music history. Individual practice expectations increase, and more community and school performances are available. Students are encouraged to participate in Senior Regional All State Orchestra auditions and clinic in the spring.