The Fine Arts Department’s mission and goals focus on making the arts a vital, visible and integral part of the Oakwood environment and beyond. State-of-the-art stage sound and lighting system, dance classes for Middle and Upper School students, ceramics classes, a baby grand piano and additional upright pianos for each music classroom along with the addition of a theatre course and AP Art History course are just a few examples of our dedication to the arts.

Oakwood has assembled a team of teachers who are experts in their art form and continue to seek professional development opportunities whenever possible. Our teachers care deeply about their students’ success and are passionate about seeing students grow to their full potential teaching within the curriculum and beyond including providing extracurricular opportunities such as:

  • Yearly theatrical production for Middle and Upper School with over 900 people attending the 2019 performances
  • Opportunities for visual arts exhibitions including Greenville Museum of Art, the Unnatural Resources Fair,
    Art Honor Society traveling show and local restaurants
  • Middle and Upper School students in music competitions through individual and group performances including NC Middle and Upper School Honors Chorus, Eastern Regional Orchestra, NCAIS Honors Band, ECU Solo Festival, ACDA Honors Choir, NC All-State Chorus, Pep-band, Kings Dominion Music Festival