Why Oakwood?

Oakwood's Fine Arts program provides a continuum of learning that begins in the Lower School. Starting in Pre-K,
students begin to explore the arts at a foundational level. Their learning progresses with a broadening curriculum that continuously
grows in complexity, letting students focus on areas that are of greatest interest to them.

Middle and Upper School students receive consistent placements in Fine Arts competitions through individual and
group performances, including NC Middle and Upper School Honors Chorus, Eastern Regional Orchestra,
NCAIS Honors Band, ECU Solo Festival, ACDA Honors Choir, and NC All-State Chorus.

To give every student an equal opportunity to succeed on the playing field, Oakwood has a "no-cut" policy. Students may explore their athletic interest with our array of athletic programs that are highly competitive and typically conference leaders.

Some of these programs include Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball.

We believe that fostering a spirit of social responsibility is essential to molding a well-rounded and
socially conscious student. Because of this, many of our clubs and extracurricular activities are focused on mentoring,
community service and environmental awareness.

The Oakwood School has over 20 clubs for students in every grade. These clubs are intended to embolden
a disposition to leadership. Some of these examples include Teen Court, Chamber of Commerce Teen Leadership,
Student Government Association, Honor Council and various competitive academic groups and competitions.

We understand that a parent's schedule doesn't always fit within the regular school day. To give parents the opportunity
to continue their professional careers, we offer Extended Day services to all grade levels in the Lower and Middle Schools.
Students can participate in educational and rewarding activities after each day until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up until 6:00 pm,
and students can arrive as early as 7:30 am for parents who have an extended morning commute.

At Oakwood, we're proud to offer a comprehensive list of summer programs that is open to Oakwood students and area youth.
Camp Oakwood provides an opportunity for the school to reach into the community and share the remarkable experience that we have to offer.
Some of these camps include Eagles Baseball Clinics, Star Wars Camp, SAT Prep, a wide range of Bricks 4 Kids programs, cheer camps and
various theater, arts and dance programs.